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 I was born in Munich in 1967. Ever since I  have been very interested in arts and artistic matters. Painting and drawing has been most important in my life. I would not be able to be happy without this passion.  It is the only thing that makes sense to me as an occupation.

I studied arts in Munich. It was a hard time but we were taught the basic knowledge of painting and drawing.

My family was not very fond of my desired career as an artist - that is why I continued my life by taking a course of study in languages . 

As a matter of fact working as a foreign language secretary was not what I had dreamed of so I kept on studying for another 2 years to improve myself.

I have worked in several jobs, none of them was the kind of job I would have loved to do for the rest of my life.

I always felt that creativity would be destroyed by a job which does not correspond with your character.

   This took me back to the roots. I studied graphic design in Munich and Berlin. I am a kind of nomad (: In 2004  I moved to the seaside which helped a lot to win peace. There seems to be no home in this life. The only thing I know is that I will never ever return to Bavaria.

If there is some definition of home it would be   the sea and lowland. 

I do not like mountains very much, there are too many barriers. Some people win peace in the mountains others are children of the sea. 

 Further drawing and painting lessons stimulated me very much in an artistic way and I had a little experience in the elements of sculpture which opened my mind in respect of drawing techniques. Graphic design actually offers great chances and creative possibilities but  it was not my cup of tea. There was something missing.  Working with computers has nothing to do with touching things, feeling the material, it is a virtual matter- like dancing without music. It reminds me of soap bubbles. You cannot touch them. After having saved the file it is gone - there is nothing left that you can feel or touch.

As to me the world around me has to be tangible, I do not like virtual objects very much. That is why life took me back to real colour and tangible material Painting and Drawing!


 My favourite topics are inner and outer realities of matters and people, portraits  and still lifes.  Im very much fascinated by people and the masks they wear. I am searching for the genuine things, for those things which can be found behind the masks. By removing the masks you can find all kinds of things most beautiful ones and most ugly and disgusting things. I am very much fascinated by people`s genuine kind and life.

Please do not get me wrong, It has nothing to do with being curious in a negative way. I am simply fascinated by people, what they are dreaming of, what makes them do what they do. When you get to know to the genuine part of people you might get to know to the world as well. I would almost define it as a kind of scientifical interest in the world.

I feel inspired by interesting dialogues. There are plenty of things we can learn for our own lifes, so many incentives.


   Everything in my everyday life  comes to an expression in faces, symbols and colours. Some Pictures will become weird, others pretty friendly, and others rather unappealing. As to me pictures are something like a mirror. You might compare it to those mirrors which take the inside out. Sometimes things are being inverted in those pictures. And sometimes I feel that invertion takes us nearer to the real meaning of things.

I am also very much inspired by fairy tales with a certain melancholy and dark humoured characteristic as well as gallow humour. I think I would not have survived life without this kind of humour.

As a matter of fact this is my personal view, there are so many other ways and philosophical ideas. This keeps the world running.


 Artists should not classify themselves as competitives, I think artists should work together. As a matter of fact artists do not have a lobby anyway. I am very fond of networks. As to me it is very inspiring to get to know to the various kinds of art.

Why should we fight each other? We simply waste our time and complicate our lives. Life ist hard enough - why should we waste it? There are so many great things that we could do.  There is definitely more use in a sense of solidarity.  


 Art is a matter of taste. People regard art in a very individual way. This is very exciting to me. As to me Art is something that should  give us new incentives, ideas, something that moves us either in a positive or a negative way the only thing art should not cause is to leave us without any emotion and reaction.  It should not leave us with indifference.

I think there are several things Art is in need of.

- knowledge, talent, handicraft, creativity, originality, and inimitability , uniqueness and  truthfulness in the sense of being authentic as a person. You are in need of a lot of courage, modesty and humility and an iron will as well as a free spirit. 

 There is no use in trying to suit  everybody. It does not work anyway. I cannot see any use in denying ones life. That is why there are so many various pictures. I have not factored them out. We cannot escape life anyway. There is no use to be afraid of it. The only thing that we can do is to be truthfull  and  authentic in life and artificial expression.  And we can only do our very best.

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